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Operating our kennel is our full-time work, your family member is cared for by experienced owners 24/7! In addition to our lifelong love of animals we have more than 25 years’ experience in the canine & pet industry. Some activities we have been involved in over the years; registered Breeder, Conformation (Showing), rescue work, active with the Cornwall District Kennel Club. We are Pet First Aid Certified and feel this is a must when caring for your pets. Plus our main caregiver is a “Certified Canine Specialist”.

We know pets! Our facilities are managed to provide your pet with the most relaxed stay possible. We match your pet and provide them with suitable neighbours’, arrange them into small playgroups based on age, temperament and size. Bottom line is we group pets together based on what is best for them. If your pet prefers one on one time, they’ll have a great time with us.

Dogs do well here! Since we know how to take care of dogs of all shapes, sizes and needs, all receive individual attention and care needed to have a great time, stay safe, comfortable and relaxed. Timid or nervous dogs are eased into the excitement. Boisterous and pushy dogs are controlled in a manner to keep all dogs safe.

We know what to look for! We assess a pet's personality, condition and other qualities to manage their time with us in their best interest. All pets are monitored. We let dogs play as long as possible, but will remove them from playtime if they appear to be overdoing it. We always speak to your pet, even if just passing by. It is not unusual to find us sitting and talking to your pet and give them one on one time

We provide structure! We require our guests play safe. They are not allowed to grab others or run full speed at others. While these things may seem amusing at first, they are unsafe and can result in injuries or bickering! We do not allow any dog to bully others. Our setting allows more passive dogs to open up and have a great time.

Your pet(s) care and comfort are our focus! We watch their attitude, health, activity levels and appetite to make sure they are happy, comfortable and relaxed. We monitor the weather throughout the day. In the case of inclement weather, we'll re-organize playtimes. Any pet that needs special care -- extra or special feedings, medication, rehabilitation from surgeries, etc. -- will be given that care as required.

Working and Service dogs always welcome! They are cared for as requested by their handlers, are exercised alone and our activities with them are limited to those approved by handlers.




16214 County Rd 18, Harrisons Corners, Ontario
Phone 613-534-3986
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