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Designed to provide a "home away from home" for your pet. The kennel building contains spacious individual runs each with access to a protected outdoor patio. Runs are separated by a solid wall insuring privacy for your dog. This security allows your dog to relax in their own space, soak in some rays and get fresh air as desired. The kennel is designed so that each dog has its own indoor and outdoor space which is separated by a guillotine sliding door that is open during daylight hours.

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We have 2 sizes of runs to accommodate your dog(s).  Our standard runs are large - 4’ x 9’ plus same size outside patio.  For giant breeds or more then one dog from the same household we have king size runs - 6’ x 9’ plus 9’ x 11’ outside patio. 

Sitting pretty ...

We also have 2 fenced play yards for our canine guests. One is 16’ x 64’, this is the yard we play with smaller dogs or those that prefer one on one time. Our larger yard is 100’ x 64, this yard we use for small groups. Keeping groups small (3 - 5 dogs) is better for matching similar, compatible playmates. Both yards have a “doggie pool” during the summer months and the larger yard has a climbing structure for your dog.


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ALL in a dog’s day, each day your dog will;

  • Have access to their patio & fresh air from sun-up to sun-down, weather permitting
  • At least 4 times daily run and play with a small group of like-minded companions or individually under constant supervision in one of our fenced yards.
  • Receive room service with their meals at least 2 times daily or more if required.
  • Be given a treat of their choice at least 2 times daily.
  • Rest time, after all with all this play they need to rest up for their next outing.

    (schedule is often altered to receive more playtime/ attention)

Your dog will receive;
  • 24/7 care and supervision
  • Daily housekeeping as required
  • Room service two times daily or as requested  
  • Access to fresh, clean water at all times 
  • The affection and attention it needs and deserves to stay happy, healthy and comfortable


Our guests have access to one of our playgrounds at least 4 times daily. Dogs are taken alone or in small, compatible groups. These are great to run, play and socialize under close supervision. Weather permitting they also have access to their patios from sun-up to sundown, weather permitting. Most pets do not have unlimited access to the outside.  With a balanced schedule of supervised outside time and inside rest is established, the pet will adjust better to being away from home and is ultimately happier.


Playtime outings are conducted off-leash within one of our two yards of over 7000 square feet, allowing dogs ample room to explore and exercise. Playtime can be a social or private time, depending on your dog, which will be assessed after consulting with you. Social dogs can run and play with other dogs. Non-social dogs can enjoy playing with one of us. We play fetch, and have Frisbees, balls and tie-ropes to entertain your pets. During warmer months we have pools to help the dogs stay refreshed during hot days of summer. Playtime also includes cuddle time, to ensure our guests have all the love and attention they deserve.


Groups are hand-picked for safe and healthy playtime. Group play periods are an ideal opportunity to socialize your dog. Regular exposure to friendly canines is useful to your dog’s wellbeing when sociable with others. We have witnessed transformation of shy, meek dogs into confident and outgoing individuals. Groups are kept to 5 or less and are arranged to accommodate the various personalities of our guests. They range from fast paced, high energy gatherings to small and intimate groups that love to mix in a gentle manner. Group activities change daily as guests check-in and out, giving your dog the opportunity to make new friends while staying fit and healthy. 


VACCINATION certificate from your veterinarian must be provided prior to your first visit and annually thereafter. We prefer that you do not give vaccinations seven (7) days prior to your visit.  Only copies of vaccination records from a licensed veterinary provider will be accepted.  (Vaccinations given at home will not be considered proof of adequate vaccination.) 

Required vaccinations;  Rabies, Bordetella*, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and, Parvovirus. Not required but highly recommended; lepto and flea/tick treatment such as Advantage. 

*NOTES:  Bordetalla vaccination must requested in addition to the regular vaccines you receive from your vet. It must be given 7 days prior to arrival. If we find fleas/ticks on your dog, we will treat and a charge will apply. Our kennel is regularly treated for fleas and ticks to ensure there are none in the building.   


We request you supply your pets food, this saves them from getting an upset tummy from a change of food.  Pets are fed as instructed by you.   We do stock food should we supply your pets food or your pet runs out of food supplied to us there will be an additional charge.  This charge will depend on the food supplied, we stock a Lamb & Rice formula and Grain Free formula.




Vaccination records, when vaccinations are renewed

New customers must provide in advance of initial visit

Food enough for the entire stay, in container of some sort

Toys or treats anything else you'd like your dog to have

Machine washable bedding

Any medications required during your dog's stay

Drinking water for your pets is filtered well water.  The kennel building is climate controlled, and complete with an ultra-violet air purifier and HVAC system.  Music is on from first thing in the morning until bedtime. Our guests know when the radio is turned off it’s bedtime and settle in for a good night’s sleep.  All runs or areas are provided with natural and/or artificial light and we have a night light for them during the overnight hours.

The cleaning and disinfecting products we use are Botanical based and are biodegradable & safe to use around pets.   They have been reviewed for safety, efficacy & environmental impact by the Environmental Protection Agency. Product information sheets are available upon request.  These products are also perfect for home use, we use them.  If you would like information about them we would be pleased to provide this to you.

16214 County Rd 18, Harrisons Corners, Ontario
Phone 613-534-3986
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