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Our Cattery & small pets area is bright, spacious and completely separate from the kennel area. Your cat will be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation while residing in one of our multi-level, full height bays. Amenities include ledges and ceramic floor space that provide cozy living. We provide dishes, litter boxes and litter for your cat(s) and of course plenty of attention and cuddle time throughout the day to make your cat(s) feel at home! 






Exploring ...

Your cat(s) will have daily access to our Kitty Romp Room where they can wander, sit on a window shelf to watch birds, climb on the “kitty tree”, curl up in the “kitty drum”.  Plus your cat(s) are given the opportunity to explore the cattery during room cleaning service.

Watching the birds

We request you supply your pets food, this saves them from getting an upset tummy from a change of food.  Pets are fed as instructed by you.   We stock both dry and canned food.  Should we supply your pets food or your pet eats all the food supplied to us there will be an additional charge.

What to Bring:
You are welcome to bring your cat's bedding from home, to help your family member adjust and ensure the highest level of comfort for your cat. Food for your pet to keep them on the diet you feed at home. Treats you wish to be fed.  If your pet enjoys a toy you are welcome to bring safe, durable toys.  We ask that you transport your cat in a secure carrier.

VACCINATION certificate (available from your veterinarian) must be provided prior to your first visit and annually thereafter. This certificate may be emailed to mistymeadows@nimiqcon.com.  We prefer that you do not give any vaccinations for at least seven (7) days prior to your visit.  Only copies of vaccination records from a licensed veterinary provider will be accepted.  (Vaccinations given at home will not be considered proof of adequate vaccination.) 

Required:  Rabies, Distemper 3 way (FVRCP: Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia) or Eclipse/Distemper 4-way (FVRCPC includes above plus Chlamydia)

Highly recommended - not mandatory - Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Bordetella for cats. 

The romp room ...

16214 County Rd 18, Harrisons Corners, Ontario
Phone 613-534-3986
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